Tourist Arrivals gradual increase for 2017

Reports have shown a 3.6% increase in tourist arrivals for 2017 showing a gradual increase, following the record year of 2016.

The same reports show Cyprus is a preferable destination for Chinese and Arab holidaymakers while at the same time a significant rise of 8% from the UK, 70% from Germany and 18% from the Israel market is noted.

Arrivals from Russia are expected to remain on par with 2016 while a slight dip is expected in arrivals from Greece.

Last year the island’s airports handled 8.97 million passengers, an increase of 18% compared to 2015.

Larnaca, with its 75km coastline and superb Blue-Flag beaches is a complete value destination, always ready to provide visitors the best holiday experience and the creation of everlasting memories.

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