Larnaca Refineries – The procedure has begun

Following the agreements for the dismantling of the refinery facilities in Larnaca, the procedure has finally begun. This is the first of the three stages for the complete dismantling of the site.

The removal of the obsolete refinery facilities was a demand by all residents of the city of Larnaca.

Larnaca is at last reclaiming back a section of its beachfront, thus gaining another 4km of coastline that will eventually serve the city with new investment opportunities not only in tourism but also for the sustainable reconstruction of the area.

The completion of the operations, will allow the city of Larnaca to shine and to advance one step further in becoming a modern European city with great reasons to invest.

TEЛ: +357 24 821855
ФАКС: +357 24 662922
Кипр, Ларнака 6036,
41 Константину Палеологлу

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